Q: Do I need an appointment for bridal?

A: Yes, we do bridal by appointment. Simply, click here to make an appointment.


Q: What makes A Formal Affair better than other bridal stores?

A: There are 3 things that make A Formal Affair better than our competitors.

1) We want take the time to get to know our brides and their loved ones. We believe that connecting with you and understanding your vision is the first step to helping a bride find her gown. As opposed to other stores where they just want a sale.

2) We do not time our brides. Many bridal stores put brides on a 1 hour time limit and ask you to leave once a bride's time is up. When you come to A Formal Affair you will be treated with the utmost respect and will not be rushed out of the store like our competitors.

3) Our bridal selection is the most unique in the Atlanta area. As a bride you work hard and spend a lot of time trying not to imitate other brides. You deserve not only to be stunning but also to be one-of-a-kind.


Q: I do not see designer names on your website. How can I see what you have in the store?

A: At A Formal Affair we understand that many brides want to shop based on designer due to the popularity of "Say Yes to the Dress", however, a designer name unfortunately does not make a bridal dream become a wedding reality.

A bride is what brings a dress to life and it is our goal at A Formal Affair to find the bridal gown that makes the bride's beauty captivate her guests. Additionally, as we receive new wedding gowns weekly our bridal inventory is constantly changing, therefore, the best way to see what we have in stock is to make an appointment.


Q: So what kind of bridal gowns do you have in store?

A: At A Formal Affair we specialize in having an unique wedding gown selection that includes lace gowns, beaded gowns, organza dresses, as well as simple chiffons and satins.

We have the largest unique lace selection in the metro Atlanta area. So large that it has been dubbed "The Lace Wall" where a bride has hundreds of choices for a lace gown ranging in styles from sheath to ballgown.

Our beaded gowns give brides the option to be sexy or dramatic while also remaining unforgettable. Finally, our satin bridal gowns hug the curves of our brides while providing awe-inspiring elegance. Again with both fabrics ranging in style from sheath to ballgown.


Q: Why shouldn't I just go to a big box bridal stores instead of a bridal boutique since they have such a big selection?

A: At a big warehouse bridal store you will unfortunately be treated as a number where the bridal consultants cannot give you individual attention because they have so many brides to attend to. Because of this they are unable to pay attention to your comments and dislikes in regards to dresses.

At A Formal Affair we give every bride individual attention. You will not have to share a stage or a bridal consultant. Our bridal consultants care about how you feel in every single dress and we are determined to help you find your special gown.

A: In big warehouse bridal stores, the likelihood that the gown you choose will look like many of your friends on Facebook are high. 

In A Formal Affair we believe that on your wedding day no one should feel that they have seen your gown before. A day so special and rare deserves a dress special and rare.


Q: Do you provide alterations?

A: Yes! Just click here. 


Q: Do you have plus size wedding gowns?

A: Absolutely! At A Formal Affair we do not believe that a plus size bride is any less deserving of looking gorgeous on her wedding day. We take great care to not only have many dresses in full figured sizes, but also to make sure that they have style. As opposed to many of our competitors who would hide your beauty, we celebrate our curvy brides!


Q: Is there a limit of how many people I can bring to my bridal appointment?

A: No, you can bring as many people as you would like to, however, we suggest that you are cautious with how many people that you bring. Unfortunely, the more people you bring the more conflicting opinions you will have trying to convince you to change your ideal wedding gown.


Q: Are you hiring?

A: Yes! Click here to find out more.