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Welcome To A Formal Affair.

We Take The Bride From The "Will You?" To The "I Do!"

We Continue To Maintain The Largest And Most Exclusive Selection Of Wedding Gowns, And Have Added To Our Extensive Collection Of Plus Size Dresses!!

At A Formal Affair, We Are Much More Than A Bridal Salon. We Offer A Wonderful Selection Of Prom Dresses, Guest Of The Wedding, Pageant, Special Occasion Gowns, and Even Tuxedos. 

We Also Have An Expansive Collection Of Tiaras, Jewelry, Veils, And Shoes

You Will Experience Old Fashioned Pampering In A Luxurious, Elegant, Unhurried Atmosphere. 

All Of Our Trained Fashion Consultants Are Avid Shoppers. They Provide Individual Attention To Each Of Our Customers From Our Brides, To Our Prom Girls.  Always Keeping Your Plans In Mind, Never Pushy, Always Supportive.

Stop By And Visit Us Today At  Our Salon In Roswell, Georgia!




"Perfect, personal, genuine, respectful, knowledgeable. Could not have asked for better service."

-Yvaughn Lillie (Bride)

"Perfect. So different than the other shops/boutiques I have been to. Different dresses, suggestions, & thoughts!"

-Katie Fellows (Bride)

"Smooth, some adjustments needed but very helpful."

-Chris Needham (Groom)   

"Each visit, the staff was very accommodating and friendly. Alysha in particular was extremely helpful and patient with me. I was very pleased with the customer service and selection of dresses."

-Shon Dorsey (Bride)

"My dress was a dream come true. Thanks so much Ms. Linda! "

-Jasmine Brown (Bride)

"Very great experience- took great care of me!"

-Methina Turner (Bride)

"Very helpful, kept within price range."

-B. Waters (Bride)

"Great. Nice options and very knowledgeable! Very patient and friendly!"

-Hart Hopkins (Bride)

"Very kind, professional, & truthful. I will be back."

-Ashley Turner (Bride)

“Great! Very helpful. Went above and beyond!"

-Michelle Contarino (Bride)

"Pleasant, helpful, very sweet." 

-Kiera Strickland (Bride)

"Linda was great and followed up on everything."

-Neal Walsh (Groom)


-Stephanie Biddle (Bride)

"I have purchased another dress here and honestly didn't think I would purchase my wedding dress here. BUT I was super pleased with the service provided by Alysha and the Pronovias collection available! Thank you!"

-Giovanna Laucella (Bride)

"Trustworthy, excellent, friendly, real personal!" 

-Heather Pennycuff (Bride)

"My level of service was excellent. It was great!"

-Jacqueline Roan (Bride)

"Maris was a fantastic person to work with. She was knowledgeable, professional & fun. I did not think we could find someone so enjoyable to share this experience with."

-Anonymous (Bride) 

"Very personalized service."

-Ashleigh Cagle (Bride)

"Maris was wonderful- extremely knowledgeable and patient."

-Kim Pelitt (MOB)


-Rebecca Perry (Bride)

"Helpful and friendly!"

-Ashley Hester (Bride) 

"Very personal- wonderful experience."

-Sarah Perry (Bride)

"Amazing! Y'all were so helpful!"

-Caroline Adams (Bride)

"Very helpful and fun." 

-Sedina Meslc (Bride)

"Knowledgeable, helpful, honest, great selection of dresses!"

-Lauren Montero (Bride)

"This was a great experience. Thank you!"

-S. R. Bitly (Bride)

"Maris was amazing! She helped me find the PERFECT DRESS!"

-Brittani Barrett (Bride)

"Very professional- customer satisfaction  excellent."

-Jackie Hamilton (Bride)

“Absolutely wonderful!"

-Katherine Hargraves (Bride)

"Excellent- great customer service- treated w/ great service as soon as I walked in the door."

-Martine Thelusman (Bride)

"Whole experience was wonderful!"

-Liz Greer (MOB)

"Very good!"

-Liz Nahms (Bride)

"She was wonderful. The attention was fantastic and made the experience really special."

-Kelley Cowart (Bride)

"Professional, knowledgeable, courteous! Excellent!"

-Devon Thomas (Bride)

"Maris was extemely helpful, kind & courteous. She truly helped my client feel comfortable in her decision for her special day."

-Shatasha Lawson (Planner)

"The best customer service - which makes all the difference! Thank you!"

- Brenda Brown (Bride)

"It was great! Large selection!"

- Lauren O'Neil (Bride) 

"I had previously tried on dresses at David's Bridal, and my appointment with Maris was completely different. 1000x's better!"

-Mary Millkey (Bride)

"Warm, friendly, and professional!"

-Linda Millkey (Bride)

"Amazing :) "

-Denisse Guzman (Bride)

"Best bridal store I visited. They took their time and took me without an appointment. Best service by far!"

-Ruslyn Davas (Bride)

"This experience has been outstanding! Alicia has been a charm to work with. She took so much time with us. Thank you!"

-Anonymous (Bride)

“Awesome- very pleasant & helpful,"

-A. Badenhorst (Bridesmaid)

"Service was excellent! Made me feel comfortable."

-Erin Malene - Special Occasion

"Best experience we have had shopping for prom. Excellent!"

-Kathy McDonnald - Prom

"Wonderful. Consultant was really helpful and seemed genuinely interested in my experience."

-A.M. Reynolds - Prom

"Service was excellent & I enjoyed the experience!"

-Theresa Garnett - Prom

"Akunna was awesome!!! Friendly, efficient, absolutely wonderful. We will be back for more dresses!!!

-Helen Watkins - 2 Homecomings

"Very caring and helpful. Akunna was very helpful <3 Thanks!"

-Asia Moore - Prom

"Personal and cost-sensitive :)"

-Debra (Mom) - Prom

"Level of service was excellent!"

-Kaiya Perry - Special Occasion

"I was just accompanying my sister to shop for her daughter but was so amazed with Akunna's extra special care and attention, not just with my niece but everyone! My son's in a wedding in a month and I'll be back because she is FABULOUS!!" 

-Sophie Ritzman - Prom 

"Very fun and easy."

-Eve DeVane - Homecoming

"Amazing! :)"

-Amanda Hornef - Special Occassion

"I <3 ur dresses! I bought one! You are beautiful, all of you!"

-Elizabeth Davidson - Homecoming

"Very helpful. Loved your honest, unbiased opinions."

-Leslie McGuinness - Homecoming 

"Absolutely wonderful!"

-Ashley Soto - Special Occasion

"Like a huge weight was lifted :)  Very professional and very friendly!"

-Emily Astew - Prom

"It was amazing! Best service out of all the places I've been!"

-Kaitlin Pell - Prom


-Dana Pell - Prom

"Excellent, amazing."

-Kaylin Prince - Special Occasion

"My experience at your fine establishment was extremely enjoyable. Thanks! :)"

-Tarika Varner - Prom

"I love this place. I got both (2) prom dresses here back in 2007 & 2008 and now my niece is getting her dress here. You guys are amazing! Keep up the amazing work."

-Nina Mickelbury - Prom

"Very special. :) I loved it."

-Samantha Rivera - Prom

"Excellent! Akunna is a GEM! I will come back to see her! Awesome representative. 

-Narica Collesso-Wise - Prom

"Customer service was AMAZING. My consultant helped me to find the perfect dress. She was kind and courteous. She even gave me tips about my hair! All the ladies were really nice!"

-Shadell Charles - Prom

"Excellent! Awesome recommendations!" 

-Sami Allen - Prom

"Excellent service. Made my daughter feel very special." 

-Carole/Rachel Haich - Prom

"It was wonderful. Everyone was very helpful and supporting."

-Shanae Franklin - Prom

"You were more than excellent, thank you so much!"

-Lela Shaver - Prom

"Amazing as always!!"

-Jada McGainey - Prom

"Very individual-focused. Thank you:)"

-Michele Coughlin - Prom

"Very helpful even with a full store."

-Erin Wylie - Prom

"Wonderful- Emily made it a great experience!”

-Hollie Weidman - Special Occasion

"Professional with understanding staff and helpful workers."

-Natael Nadal - Special Occasion

"You guys are AMAZING. Perfect. Linda is the sweetest :) Akunna is beautiful ;)"

-Jonathan Velazquez - Special Occasion (Tuxedo)

"Very fun! Love every moment, everyone was so nice and helpful."

-Madison Jones - Prom

"Amazing! Thank you <3"

-Sydney Means - Prom

"Very friendly also very fun."

-Kirsten Hughes - Special Occasion

"Ms. Akunna was so wonderful and helpful. She stayed past hours for me and picked out stunning dresses that I LOVED! I ended up buying two!"

- Lauren Watkins - Homecoming

"It was light and fun. I had a lot of help. Not stressful at all."

-Taylor Endoro - Special Occasion

"Very helpful and nice! Thank you :)"

-Bailey Agar - Homecoming

"Perfect! Alysha was excellent!"

-Holly Keepers - Prom

"Wonderful. I found my dream dress."

-Casey Archamoault - Prom

"Very attentive and not pushy or pressuring. Truly care about customer's opinions."

-Alejandra Lopez - Homecoming

"Top Notch - Far better than ANY other gown store!" 

- Lynn & Gracie Babcock - Prom

"It was great. My consultant helped me a lot."

- Ashley Williams - Prom

"Very Personal."

-Kadi Kirk - Prom