How to Say "I Do"- A Little Help from My Friend(s)

They say it takes a village to raise a child. That got us thinking- "Why is it that when it comes to wedding planning, we abandon the village and become a mom & daughter duo?" 

Planning a wedding with your daughter is one of the great joys in a mother's life....or at least it should be. But just because a bride and her mama want to plan the day together doesn't mean they have to lose their sanity to do it! Too many times we see moms and daughters stressed to the max. We'd like to offer a solution: hire a wedding planner

A wedding planner can be a bride's best friend. Most planners will offer multiple plans ranging from "the works" to "day of". The key to hiring a planner is choosing someone you feel comfortable with and confident in. You've got to "vibe" with your planner so you can feel confident in allowing her to help plan your big day. 

Here at the salon we have two excellent wedding planners we recommend. Between the two of them you can fit any budget, any theme, and any personality! Stop by to see us to get more information about these great planners!