Trends- *Bling*!


Head to toe beading w/ heavy embroidery feels very bling-y with a vintage flare! 

One of the things we hear most from brides is "I want to sparkle!" But sparkle can mean so much. This group of photos can help you decide which type of sparkle you like best. Embroidery and beading gives an over-all "wow" factor, while appliqued sequence can be the subtle hint of sparkle you're looking for. 

Va-Va-Voom bling factor! For the Bride who is leaving no bead un-turned! Crystals offer total glam! 

Appliqued sequence lace gives a subtle sparkle keeping the bling factor low but still there. Great for the closet sparkle fanatic. 

Keep in mind that embroidery is generally less expensive than hand-stitched beading. And beading (clear or "pearl" beads) tend to be less weighing on the wallet than crystals. Also, sequence can offer a lighter sparkle for a great cost. A more simple skirt helps keep cost down, while all-over bling is fit for an all out glam gown! 

"You can't buy happiness. But you can buy *BLING*, which is the same thing!" 

Bling is in! And with so many options, we don't see it going anywhere anytime soon! Today we want to talk about how to buy the best bling for your buck! Also, we will chat a bit about what types of sparkle translate best for your vision. 



Gold embroidery w/ large crystals on an ivory dress gives a wow- factor without seeming too "in-your-face." This is great for the Bride on a budget but still wants bling! 

Hand-sewn Swarovski crystals elegantly placed all-over the bodice give that "pop" you could be missing! Very classy when paired with a simple ballgown skirt, this type of beading is the most requested this season. 

Keep in mind that sparkle looks VERY different in person than it does in a photo. If you tell your consultant you think you may want bling, she will most likely show you many different types. Don't be put-off if the dresses seem a bit too bling-y at first! Keep an open mind and try it on! 

If you fall for a dress that is more simple, sometimes all it takes is a sparkly headpiece or belt to pull it all together. Bling can come from the gown, the headpiece, the veil, or even your jewelry. Or if you're like us, it can come from all of the above! ;) 

Embroidered beading (often with pearl accents) is more subtle and generally more affordable. 

As you shop, remember these words of wisdom from Kirsten Kuehn,

"You musn't be afraid to sparkle a little brighter, darling...."