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Ask A Consultant- Photos During My Appointment

Today we want to take a moment to talk about a bit of a controversial subject. And we are actually very excited to get to clear the air about it!! This question comes from Tisha in Sandy Springs, GA! Tisha writes:

"Why is it that in some stores I can't take photos of the dresses? It's very frustrating that I can't go home to look at pictures to help me make this big decision. I just don't understand what the deal is!"

Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us, Tisha! We really appreciate your question! This is an issue we are faced with almost every day here at the salon. Here is the absolute, honest truth as to why most bridal shops do not allow photos:

  • The picture you snapped with your smart phone is not professionally edited, airbrushed, and photo-shopped. When a bride takes a "quick pic" in a gown she has seen on a model, it is inevitable that she will compare it to the designer's stock photo. We want your appointment to be the best shopping experience you've ever had, and it can become difficult for some girls to overcome the "it doesn't look the same as the model syndrome." So, we simply take it off the table. This way you can be sure your gown decision is based completely on how you look and feel in the gown. 
  • We live in a world of online shopping. We believe we are providing a service worth paying for. That being said, we'd like to keep your business here. This is as honest as it gets. No smoke and mirrors. No hiding it. 

**As a side note, we'd like to interject some advice about online shopping**

While there is nothing wrong with browsing online as a way to prepare yourself for your bridal shopping experience, purchasing a gown online from an unsecured source almost always spells disaster. Most bridal designers only sell their gowns through authorized retailers. This protects the designer, the retailer, and most importantly the customer! We cannot even begin to tell to you the horror stories we've heard! 

At A Formal Affair, we allow our brides to Facetime, Skype, or video chat with friends and family who were unable to make the appointment. We also allow photos to be taken after the bride says "yes to the dress." Some of our consultants suggest the bride to change into their "street clothes" before taking photos for their scrapbooks. You're probably thinking to yourself, "Why?" Think of it this way- The dress the bride has on is a sample. So more than likely the dress doesn't fit perfectly (bridal gowns almost always require alterations). The gown might be clipped back if it's too big, or bubbling at the hem line because it's too long. Wouldn't you want the photos from that day to be a good representation of the gown? 

If being able to take a photo of the gown as you try on is a "must have" on your list, be sure to ask if photos are allowed when you make your appointment. If you have located a shop who carries the specific gown you're interested in but doesn't allow photos, spend some time deliberating if possibly giving up on what could be "the one" is worth it. 


Tisha, we are so very thankful for your question. We hope we have helped! Please email or call us with any other questions you may have during your wedding planning!