How to Say "I Do"- Bridesmaids

Happy Thursday, everyone! Today we want to (hopefully) help you all get ideas for your bridesmaids! We know this is a tough subject. It's a big decision and we see more girls stress over it than over their own gown! There are so many options that some brides feel overwhelmed. We want to help you sort through the choices in a way that will help make this decision much easier. 

Before we get into the actual dresses, we have a tiny bit of advice: If you have a "vision" of how you want your 'maids to look, we always encourage you to stay as true to that vision as possible. That means standing your ground if you need to. This is you and your husband's day. For example, if you're getting married on the beach and always imagined light, soft dresses, stick to it. Even if one of your super petite, glamorous 'maids wants fitted and sexy. If you seem to be having trouble with your 'maids not supporting your vision, don't be afraid to ask your consultant to stand your ground for you. :) And don't stress if you don't have a "vision". We can help with that, too!

Instead of posting 764,312,874,365,178 pictures, we're going to keep it simple. With these few bridesmaids styles we believe you can effectively attain most "visions". These are only suggestions and represent gowns of similar styles. When you come in we will be sure to show you as many similar styles as you'd like! :) 


Would you call yourself a "formal but vintage" bride? This dress is for you! It flatters most shapes and offers texture to your photos.

We call this style dress the "can't go wrong" style. It is  flattering to almost every figure and has plenty of space for busty girls! 

This dress will look great most girls and is a great option for the bride who is looking for simple elegance. Great for formal, outdoor weddings. 

 Very formal and a little glamorous, this dress is fit for a black tie wedding. Most women think that you have to have small hips to wear a peplum (the ruffle over the hips), but it actually looks great on "hippy" girls, too! 

Elegant and classy but not too formal, this short, natural waist a-line dress works for early evening weddings. 

For the less formal, wear-it-again bride this is the short equivalent to the "can't go wrong" style!

A non-strapless version of the "can't go wrong" dress! Great for the beach or elegant day time weddings! 

Have a great weekend, ladies! And remember, keep sight of your "vision"!!!