Ask a Consultant- Pushy Pushy!

Today we want to take a moment to answer a question sent to us by April from Fayetteville, GA!

April writes:

"I'm having some....differences of opinion....with my sister about my upcoming wedding. I feel like she is pushing her dream wedding on me. She is not yet married but thinks she knows what's best. I have tried explaining to her that we have different styles, but she doesn't seem to get the hint that I need her to support my decisions, not try to make this wedding hers. Do you have any advice?" 

Thank you so much for trusting us to help you with the sticky situation, April! As consultants, we have actually seen this more often than we'd like to admit. Here are some possible solutions! 

We know you said you've tried explaining to her how much you need her to support you, but have you tried simply sitting her down and telling her how you feel? There is a fine line between giving an explanation of your thoughts and expressing true emotions. She is your sister. Hopefully, she will understand. 

If you think she may not be open or responsive to this approach, our next recommendation is to seek out a neutral party. This is where having a consultant (or a wedding planner) you trust can be so very helpful! We're here not only to help you navigate through the racks, but also to help everyone involved with your wedding get on board with your ideas! We can help your sister understand where you're coming from. And in a worst case scenario, we're not afraid to be the "bad guy" and tell it like it is! 

We hope we've helped you out a bit, April. Keep hold of your vision. Don't let anyone take it away from you. This dress is yours and yours alone. :)