Ask a Consultant- White or Ivory?

Hello! We're back from market this year and finally have moment to breathe (and update our blog)! We know it's been a while so we're excited to be back!

Today we want to highlight a question we get asked very often here at the salon- white or ivory? 

The answer to this question can be very personal, so we'll keep it to the basics. When choosing the color of your wedding gown, we recommend keeping a few things in mind. 

          1) Why do you lean toward one more than the other?

               -If you're wanting to wear white because you've, well, 'earned it' ;) then do it! 

         2) Can you tell that the dress you have on is ivory? 

               - If you had no idea, you're just like everyone else! Most salons are going to carry ivory

                 sample dresses- not only because they are easier to keep clean, but also because 

                 ivory tends to look better on more skin tones!

         3) When is your wedding? 

               -If you're tying the knot mid-summer, you're most likely going to have a killer tan! But 

                for you winter brides, paler skin can help you make your decision!

If you asked us, we'd tell you that most women look best in ivory. In a photo, an ivory dress photographs like a white dress. White looks very strong and (sometimes) harsh in a photo. Keep in mind that all whites and ivories are not created equally! For example, ivory satin fabric can sometimes be slightly "yellow" while ivory chiffon usually appears "whiter." Some designers even have an option for "diamond white" or "candlelight"- offsets of ivory that appear more white! When in doubt, try on! The salon should have a wide enough variety for you to see your options! 

Whichever way you decide to go, you will be a vision of beauty on your wedding day! Happy shopping!! :)