Ask A Consultant- Trunk Show

Hey everyone! Today's question comes from Madelyn in Athens, GA! Madelyn writes:

"This may be a silly question, but I keep reading about stores having 'trunk shows' and I have no idea what that means. Could you guys help me out?"


Hey Madelyn! Thanks for your question! Your question is not silly at all, we actually get it a lot! 

A trunk show is a small "show" of dresses from a specific designer. They usually run for one weekend and include dresses that are available for order but not yet released. Essentially, a trunk show will usually have 25-30 samples of the designer's newest collection of gowns. In some cases (rarely) the designer is on hand to present their dresses. Always make sure you call make an appointment if you're interested in coming in for a trunk show as time slots tend to fill more quickly during shows. 

Our next trunk show is May 16-18 for designer San Patrick (a division of Pronovias)! 

Thanks again, Madelyn! Hope to see you soon!