Trends- Blush!

Today is all about PINK! We love everything pink, and we think you might, too!

Blush is still trending, and with good reason! It is one of the only pastel hues that compliments almost anyone who puts it on! Blush can be southern, rustic, classy, elegant, formal....the list goes on and on. It is *just* pink enough to give you that girly feel you always imagined, without causing your fiance to fret! 

**We should note that not all BLUSH is created equally. There are a huge number of shades. That being said, make sure if you've given your bridesmaids the go-ahead to select "any blush dress" you know you will more than likely have dresses of different shades.**


If you're worried your blush bridesmaid dresses may be too soft, or too expected, try paring them with mint green heels! Or even use a bit of black lace as ribbon for the bouquets. The smallest details can change the tone of any dress!