How to Say "I Do"- Color Scheme

Is this you when you try to pick a color scheme for your wedding?! We've been there, and we can help! 

Hello! Today we are excited to talk about color schemes! With so many options, we know it can be difficult. We'd like to offer a little guidance!

For those brides who do not have a clear vision of their wedding day, there is hope in sight! Instead of stressing, focus on being practical-- What's your favorite color? What's your fiance's favorite color? Are your bridesmaids darker or lighter complexion? Do you have a large range in sizes for your bridesmaids? Is your wedding more formal or more relaxed? What is the prominent color of your venue surroundings? The answers to these questions can help you pick the perfect hue for your big day. 

  • Favorite color- sometimes it's this simple!
    • Ex: You like Blue, go blue! 
      • If you're still not sure, ask your Fiance! 
  • Skin tone- girls with very fair complexions tend to look best in moderate colors.
    • Ex: medium purples, blues, greens. 
      • Champagne, blush, and light yellows tend to "wash out" fair skinned girls. 
  • Large size range- fuller figure girls would usually  choose to wear darker colors.
    • Ex: black, dark blue, dark purple
      • Not all curvy girls hate color! Be sure to ask!
  • Formal vs. relaxed- brighter colors feel more relaxed while darker colors feel formal
    • Ex: Black, dark purple, dark grey VS. hot pink, bright blue, yellow 
      • You can throw a formal bash with bright yellow, you can use a coordinating color to tone things down if necessary. 
  • Surroundings- you can match or coordinate.
    • Ex: Blue tones at the beach can be match-y, while pink is a great coordinating color. 
      • Keep your photos in mind!

If you're open to colors, try checking out the dresses and colors available before you do anything else. This way you can match or coordinate accordingly! Also, be sure you see the color swatch in the same fabric as the dress! Colors will have different hues based on fabric! 

As always, lean on your consultant when in doubt. We are here to help and can offer an outside opinion!

Happy shopping!