How to Say "I Do"- Themes!

So, can we just put this out there?: Mark Zuckerberg and his bride planned a "Game of Thrones" themed wedding with period dress and all.... Yea, so that happened. We're sure it was done with class that only oogles of money can buy, but we have to wonder how long it will take for the novelty to wear off and the "what were we thinking" to set in. 

We're not knocking "Game of Thrones." Nor are we knocking themed weddings. We actually love the idea of a well thought out and executed theme. In this post we want to give you all some tips on how to pick out and pull off a themed wedding! 

How to Pick a Theme

  • Consider the budget! 
  • Browse photos of themes you are considering!
  • Go with your gut! 

How to Execute your Theme

  • If your budget allows, hire a wedding planner!
  • If you're a DIY bride, pick out two or three small details to focus on.  
    • If you get caught up in all the details, your design can become overly themed. 
      • ex: burlap runners with lace overlay give a subtle hint of rustic, while adding the runners and mason jars and chalk boards and birch trees as centerpieces and twinkle lights and mismatched furniture and hay bails see where this going, yeah? 
      • Incorporating a little bit of everything can work also.
        • ex: one table with a burlap/lace runner with the rest of the tables with soft linen runners, and one table with a birch tree centerpiece and the others with mason jars. 

Obviously, this day is yours. If you want to go all out, DO IT! And don't let anyone tell you "no!"