Bridal Consultant Position


This is a sales position that requires intuition, the ability to think on your feet, a genuine interest in sales, as well as the the ability to relate to high end clients.

Prior experience in high end sales is highly encouraged, in addition to an understanding of bridal gowns.



Please email here to apply.*

Super Excited to meet you!!



A Formal Affair INTERNSHIP


This intern needs to be very hard working, dedicated, and fun! We need an intern who loves fashion and social media. Your responsibilities will include photo shoots, fashion shows, managing all of our social media accounts daily as you work with beautiful dresses!


Must be able to follow a marketing schedule, create music playlists, meet at least 3 times a month, and manage Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat simultaneously. 


Time is an essential commodity to be able to participate in this internship as this internship is time consuming. 

You also need to be able to edit photos and videos, be organized, patient, a team player, and be able to think out of the box!


RequiredInstagram, Twitter, Snapchat

Additional Information

Please email here to apply.*

Super Excited to meet you!!

*Please Note: Make Sure your mail client is enabled to apply.